Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dearest Secret Diary...

I can't stop thinking about that boy that swept me off my feet 6 short years ago. Every day I wake up in my sketchy south Berkeley neighborhood and wish that I could be transported back to that perfect night. Every day I wake up and think...if only I could be making out in the back of a taxi cab right now with that special someone.

Instead I am all alone in this town filled with people that don't shave their armpits and smell like fennel and beets.

At least I have Stella to spoon me and my ollaliberry to keep me company.

I will leave you, my sweet diary, with the following words of wisdom...

"Dark times call for darker measures."

"If you can't beat em, hit them over the head with a can of minestrone soup."

"Your caliber is only outweighed by the size of your gun."

"If I had a gun I wouldn't have needed this horse."

"If it weren't for this horse I never would have spent that year in college."

With much trepidation regarding the state of Santa Barbara, I bid you adieu and goodnight,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I AM ELATED, but...

When it comes to the outcome of last night's election I have no complaints. I've been a disgruntled American since birth and, last night, for the first time since I remember I was (and still am!) so proud to be a part of this country. Even my renegade cousin grace that was deported to Mexico is fired up right now. EVEN THE FRENCH said "Everyone wants to be an American right now." Did you EVER think you would here the French say that?? THEY might even start calling them Freedom Fries too!

Although I could speak at length about my jubilation, my admiration, my exultation, and every other 'ation word with a positive connotation, I have to throw one BUT in there...

This is a picture, not of people celebrating Obama's historic win, BUT people celebrating the fact that Proposition 8 has just officially passed.

These guys are THAT hysterical over the fact that we just took one big step back. And this is ef-ing CALIFORNIA. It's hard for me to accept. I know that change takes a while. I know that 30 years ago we never would have elected a Black president. Clearly, last night we NEVER would have elected a gay president. But maybe, in a way, it's a good thing. The hypocrisy of Obama's victory on the same night as the passage of a proposition that keeps this country in the dark ages will hopefully open a few more people's eyes. We have a long way to go, and without the equality-hating ignorant assholes pictured above that think an INSTITUTION is more important than a PERSON, we might forget how much work there is to do.

Monday, November 3, 2008


This is not a threat. I would never threaten you. But I swear to God, if you don't vote tomorrow I will personally make your life a living hell. Again, I'm not trying to threaten you or anything.

Of course OBAMA will win CALI by a landslide...but don't think you're vote doesn't count...there are some CRAZY propositions that might get passed if you don't get off your ass.


I don't want to inject my own politics into this blog YES on PROP 8 if you HATE the GAYS! Don't forgot to also vote YES on PROP 4...don't try to protect whorish girls!