Saturday, January 23, 2010

Average-Sized Dinousaur Seeks Partner in Crime/I LOVE it when people write LOL after everything they say/MUST be willing to buy timeshare together

My past experience with dating websites has been abysmal at best. It's probably because I refuse to actually go out on dates with people (in real life or virtually). I'm hoping that I'll meet my match on (no pun intended! actually, i wonder if that's why it's called

If you know anyone that isn't yet desperate enough to try their hand at online dating, please forward the following info to them along with my email address. Thanks for your help with this difficult matter. These are trying times people...

BuggyBliss's profile:
Of all the usernames match. com could have picked for me, they went with buggybliss. Sadly, I was way to lazy to think of something on my own so I just went for it. Now I guess I have to go buy a buggy which I really can't afford right now, perhaps I can just lease one. If anyone knows of any good buggy dealerships please send me their info.

Anyway, I digress. I'm brand new to match. com and so far I've really enjoyed getting the website's automatic match emails that say things like..."He has the same birth month as you" or "Like you, he lives on the earth." What are the chances!? (1/12 and 1/1). I decided to join said dating website because I've realized how terrible I am at first time dating interactions/awkward life moments. I usually make things 11 to 12 times more awkward than they need to be, thus making it a bit difficult for me to get to know someone right off the bat.

A typical day for me usually involves...waking up (like you, he also wakes up in the morning), going for a hike with my dog/the light of my life, riding my bike to class, going to class, riding my bike home from class, taking my dog for a run, studying, eating (finally, I was so hungry all day!), and then watching a few old episodes of the office. When I'm not busy with ridiculous amounts of school work (I'm just finishing up my masters at Bezerkely in public health), I enjoy short walks on the beach, snowboarding, swimming, backpacking, jumping, cooking, traveling to distant lands, taking bad pictures of boring things, charging my cell phone, and hanging out with my new niece.

I would love to meet someone who has a good sense of humor and doesn't mind having long conversations about how dangerous chimpanzees are (they should REALLY not be kept as household pets).